<p>Product: DIGITAL PIANO Cloth Cover<br />
Made by High Quality Cloth<br />
Prevent dust getting inside digital piano<br />
Suitable for 88 keys digital piano</p>

<p>FAQ :</p>

<p>Q: Why choose us?<br />
A: We have been in the musical instrument and accessories business for more than 35 years and previously &nbsp;we &nbsp;are one of the top sellers for Yamaha. We have the expertly and knowledge for &nbsp;all &nbsp;musical instruments and various music course for music learner and end-user.</p>

<p>Q: Do you have quality control (QC)?<br />
A: Yes, we do have QC before delivery and we make sure that the item is pack properly before shipping.</p>

<p>Q: How long is the delivery time?<br />
A: Approximately 3-5 working days for Peninsula Malaysia, and 14 – 25 working days for East Malaysia.<img src=”” style=”width:100%;” /></p>

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